Friday, December 24, 2010

What I Won!

I can't believe it, but I am a winner on the Jane Austen Birthday Blog Tour! I just found out this morning. What a great gift on Christmas Eve. I am doing my happy dance.

I have won a copy of Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict by Laurie Viera Rigler. Amazon describes the book thus:

"Talk about an out-of-body experience. One moment Courtney Stone is a modern-day L.A. career woman lamenting a lost love; the next she is Jane Mansfield, a well-to-do, willowy (though not particularly buxom, unlike her twentieth-century namesake) lady in nineteenth-century England. What could account for this transplant of time and place? Courtney has no opportunity to ruminate over such matters; she must quickly learn to interact with inhabitants of the brave old world in which she finds herself. There's her mother, determined to marry 30-year-old Jane off to handsome Mr. Edgeworth; her artist father, more inclined to his daughter's free-spirited frame of mind; and faithful servant Miss Barnes, who helps her mistress manage everything from chaperones to corsets. (Thank goodness Jane has read Pride and Prejudice more than a dozen times.) It's not long before Jane finds the lines blurred between her two vastly different selves. Like her heroine, debut author Rigler boasts an obsession with the novels of Jane Austen. This frothy take on literary time travel will appeal most to readers well versed in the celebrated author's memorable characters and themes."

So it's a time travel book, too, and I LOVE time travel stories. So this book is a perfect fit all around. I promise to post a review once I've read the book. Can't wait until it arrives!

Thank you to all the Jane Austen Bloggers who participated in the tour and offered these wonderful prizes! Happy Christmas to all!

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It is such a delightful reading, Else! Enjoy it. MeErry Christmas time!

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