Sunday, January 23, 2011

In the kitchen with Blythe!

I finally set up the Blythes' kitchen this weekend! Here Fiona (left) and Miranda share some tea, donuts and apples at their new kitchen table. The cabinet is stocked with pretty dishes, and the sink area is all set up for when they wash up later. They are dressed "casual," ready to enjoy the weekend, barefoot on the cool wood floor.

The furniture and most of the goodies are Re-ment miniatures from Japan. The "window" is actually a small 4 by 6 wood frame from IKEA that I customized with a garden picture cut from a magazine and some lace trim cut from a discarded curtain. Homemade and fun! It's been so snowy and cold here, but I couldn't do that to the girls. Hence, their garden outside is in full bloom.

Have a sunshiney week and dream of Spring!

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