Friday, March 18, 2011

A Shawl for Blythe - FREE PATTERN!

Spring is coming, and doesn't your Blythe need a shawl to replace that heavy winter coat? You bet! Here's an easy little knitting project, great for beginners. You can even make the shawl stick to fasten the shawl on your girl. This pattern is very simple--you'll need to make lots of little shawls in different colors to match all your girl's outfits! Enjoy!

Knit Triangle Shawl for Blythe with Shawl Stick

You’ll need
DK weight yarn
Size US 5 needles
Round toothpick
Bead to fit diameter of toothpick (I used a mini pony bead)
Hot glue

K = knit
Inc = increase (in this case, knit in front and back of stitch)
BO = bind-off
CO = cast-on

Shawl Instructions
Row 1.     Cast on one stitch (a slip knot).
Row 2.     Knit in front and back of stitch (increase).
Row 3.     Knit across.
Row 4.     Knit in front and back of both stitches (2 increases).
Row 5.     Knit across.
Row 6.     Knit the first stitch, inc in next stitch, k across until 2 stitches left on the needle, inc in next stitch, k.
Row 7.     Knit across. 

Repeat rows 6 and 7 until the shawl is 3 ½ inches tall or desired height. (The approximate finished width is 7 inches. This will vary depending on how tightly or loosely you knit. It’s good to try the shawl on your Blythe as you knit to make sure it will wrap around your doll.) BO.

Shawl Pin Instructions
  • Cut toothpick in half, or about 1 ¼ inches long.
  • Place a bit of hot glue on the tip of the blunt end of your cut toothpick and push pony bead on. Let dry.
  • To fasten shawl, cross the two ends across Blythe’s chest and gently insert the toothpick as if you were pinning the shawl ends together.

This pattern is my creation and you can use it to make shawls for your dolls, but please do not sell the shawls, this pattern, or copy this pattern to sell or distribute it. If you want to share this pattern, please do so by sending other Blythe moms to THIS LINK. Thank you!

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