Saturday, April 16, 2011

Look! A Zentangle!

My first Zentangle
Here is my first Zentangle.

I got my official Zentangle kit yesterday from Rick and Maria. When it arrived and I had unpacked it from the shipping carton, it was like receiving a treasure box! The box is sturdy and beautifully made of ocean green nepalese paper. Inside, in individual compartments, are Zentangle tiles, drawing implements, a CD with instructions, an instruction book, and the 20-sided die to use with the 20 tangles. Since it arrived late in the day, all I could do was watch the video and read the instruction book. The video was really wonderful. Maria draws on three tiles, and you learn the different patterns by watching her. There is soothing flute music in the background. After watching the CD, I even felt relaxed!

Anyway, today I had a chance to draw the tile above. I was already stressed as I had been packing Easter candy to send to my boys, and it wasn't going right. Great time for a Zentangle break, right? I put on some quiet music, sat in my chair with my lap desk, and opened the Zentangle box. At first I was a little afraid--what if I didn't do it right? Then I remembered you couldn't do a Zentangle in the wrong way. That is very freeing.

I drew my string. I picked Poke-root as my first tangle (lower right hand corner). It appealed to me because it reminds me of little mushrooms. As I drew the repetitive shapes and saw a little mushroom forest come to life, it was a relaxing experience. I went on and added crescent moon (center), mist (upper left) and florz (upper right). I added the shading and this step really adds depth and life to the designs! The whole experience was fun and it was like time stood still.

After finishing the tile, I looked at it from all angles and realized there is no up and down (though I had to pick a direction to put my initials). I don't think it's a bad first attempt, do you?

What's also very neat is that I don't have an immediate need to make another tile right away. It's enough to have done this one and to contemplate it for awhile. This afternoon, after chores, I'll try another one.

I'm glad I've discovered this. I think I am going to like it. :)

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