Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day Memory Box & Book

This year, I made a memory box and book for my dad's gift. I created a paper bag book of memories and a box to store it in. The theme of the memory box was "Things I Learned From My Father." Each page in the book described a saying, thought or reflection that my dad shared with me as I was growing up and that has impacted my life in a significant way.

This project was the first time I combined a container with a book, and I really enjoyed making it, selecting the photos, and going through each crafting step. I was able to incorporate ephemera, papers, and colors that were meaningful both to my dad and myself. For example, the button closures on the box were made from vintage buttons from my grandmother's (my dad's mom) button bag. They are wood with mother of pearl inlay. The photos are mostly scans of childhood photos I've inherited, in black-and-white. I admit I teared up a few times as I looked at them! :)

To see the complete project, please view the flickr set, "Father's Day Memory Box." Enjoy!


Kathryn said...

Wow, that's AMAZING, Else. What a gift to both yourself and your dad. Thanks for posting about it!

Jan said...

What a fabulous, meaningful gift. Something for him to treasure for many years to come!

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