Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another Jane I love

One of the nicest books I've bought this year is Patrick McDonnell's new book, "Me...Jane," a biography of Jane Goodall's early years, drawn in his wonderful Mutts style and written in his few but sincere and simple words. Patrick captures the essence of Jane's wonderful heart and mind in his story. The book reminds me of why I love Jane Goodall and her precious work with chimps and the animal world.

I love the format of the book, too. There are Patrick's signature illustrations--I especially love the one where Jane and Jubilee are holding hands and looking at the trees--and you can also see actual nature drawings done by Jane as a child. The pages are also graced with vintage animal rubber stamp images. The colors of the book evoke nature: pleasing browns, greens, blues. It's truly "outdoors."

Today I found this New York Times video with both Jane and Patrick. Take a look:

I love Jane's observations on how children, and all of us, need to spend time outdoors, enjoying fresh air and God's good creation. I can tell you, I yearn for it during the day when I am shut up in my inner work office which has no windows! Her love for all living things--human and animal--shines through in her words, and her inner peace is apparent. How wonderful!

Finally, her observation that a scientist should be a human being first is good advice in this cold and awfully technological world. We have lost sight of ourselves!

To learn more about Jane's good work in the animal world, visit her sites: The Jane Goodall Institute and Roots and Shoots.

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