Thursday, July 14, 2011

July Nature Table

 Don't worry--that's not a real butterfly in the jar! That's a robotic butterfly from, my favorite geek toy store. But I thought it would be kewl on July's nature table. I tried for a beachier look this month. So, clockwise from the butterfly jar are agates from Lake Superior, MN; seashells in a seagrass basket from South Carolina; a tiny beach cottage (wish I had a real one!); a tiny clay beaver from Minnesota; and white coral in a dish. The table cover is actually a crocheted piece from Mexico. I've had it for many years and I thought it looked nice with all the natural colored objects this month. My nature table is actually in the front hallway of my house, so it's the first thing you see if you visit. I enjoy making these arrangements, as I get to bring out special collections, think about color, and so forth. Very fun!

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