Monday, September 26, 2011

FRIENDS Swap box is here!

This month I participated in the FRIENDS swap hosted by Khris in Australia. She paired me up with lovely Anita in Holland...You can see what I sent Anita here. Today I want to show you part 1 of what I got from Anita!

Here is the box, so neatly wrapped, from Holland:

Here is the box with the paper torn off! Look at all the blue and white packages!

Here are all the individual packages...

And some extras, too!

Tomorrow when the light is better and I can take better pictures, I will show what was inside each package, but here is a hint:

  • F is for FELT
  • R is for ROSES
  • I Is for IGOR
  • E is for ENGLISH
  • N is for NEEDLES and pins
  • D is for DUTCH
  • S is for SANTA

Everything is wonderful! I can't wait to show you! Thank you a million times, dear Anita! <3

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