Friday, October 07, 2011

Doctor Who Tribute Wall

Yes, I am a Whovian.

Those of you who know me well, know that I am a long-time Doctor Who fan. I was introduced to the BBC series way back in 1977 by my friend Jor, a fellow sci-fi fan. Back then, the series was on Doctor #4, played by Tom Baker with consummate panache and a nine-foot knitted scarf. Jor and I would sit in the dorm's basement TV room, watching the show and enjoying the very Brit revels of the Doctor and his human companion. I was always in love with time travel, and this show epitomised how FUN time travel could be!

When the show was resurrected six years back, I was SO happy. At my house, time stands still when the Doctor is on, and my boys know better than to interrupt me when I am watching. :)

Anyway, I've gained a few show collectibles, and am finally able to display them on the back wall of our living room. The poster is the Tardis exploding from the Vincent episode (one of my favorites). I've never created a tribute wall before. Silly, probably. But FUN.

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AnitaS said...

I looks like a lot of dun. I never saw it. I am a Fantasyfan.

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