Monday, October 03, 2011

More FRIENDS gifts!

Here are more of my FRIENDS swap gifts, sent by dear Anita. Above is a darling patched pincushion and a matching needlebook made by her skillful hands. I love sewing accessories and these touched my heart with their colors, hearts and workmanship. I will use these and smile everyday. The tiny Delft ceramic shoes keychain will be a welcome addition to my purse. Thanks, Anita!

Also made by Anita is this framed picture of ribbon roses with embroidered leaves. Simply lovely. In the Delft tin are some coffee candies--so handy when I don't have time for a cup of coffee!

Tiny One is sporting some wooden shoes also sent as part of the swap. My Blythes are jealous.

"Jane Austen Approved"
The letter "E" was represented by an English book on Jane Austen. I look forward to reading this biography, full of wonderful pictures. A wonderful addition to my Jane Austen collection. Thank you, Anita, many times!

The FRIENDS swap was really fun and I look forward to next year's. Many thanks to Khristina who organized and hosted this international exchange!


AnitaS said...

For such a lovely lady only my best is good enough

Else M Tennessen said...

Anita, you are a wonderful FRIEND!

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