Monday, November 07, 2011


When I read about this book by Emily Martin, I just had to have it. Her characters are so fun and there is something about paper dolls that continues to appeal to me (a grown woman, no less). So the book arrived on Saturday and immediately Cora caught my eye. Cora lives on the edge of a forest by the sea, much as my Lady Celeste of Coral Cottage. I knew I had to cut out Cora first.

But I didn't want to cut up this book, with its lovely gate folds, glossy and thick paper, and luscious colors. I made a photocopy of Cora (allowed by the author) and a copy of Hedgie, too, and sized them dollhouse-size.

Cut cut cut and soon they were free from the paper. I stood them upright in stands made from foamcore with a slit in them. Delightful. They will visit the Cottage soon!

After being cut out of the paper doll book, Cora found herself in unusual company

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AnitaS said...

It reminds me very much on my jounger years. I loved paper dolls and their dresses. I love the Santaclaus too.

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