Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gifts to start the season!

My lovely friend Anita in the Netherlands sent me a huge Christmas box--with some presents I could open right away! Here they are--wonderful handmade ornaments stitched by her.

Santa Ornament

This little Santa Claus ("Sinterklaas" in Dutch) has arrived just in time for St Nicholas Day next week!

Patchwork Stocking Ornaments

These exquisite patchwork ornaments--using the smallest of small pieces of Christmas fabrics--will look wonderful on my tree. Or perhaps they will grace some doorknobs around my house?

There are more things in the box but they will have to go under my Christmas tree. Thank you, dear friend, for sending me some early Christmas happiness!


AnitaS said...

I love to make items for you.

mieke said...

Very nice, the gifts Anita made for you.
gr Mieke

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