Wednesday, November 16, 2011


It's a bird, it's a bee, it's SuperGnome! (I'd say "plane," but gnomes are tiny.)

Handcrafted for my friend Kris! You can make your own supergnome by downloading the free gnome pattern on this blog. I varied the colors to make supergnome. His cape is felt.

Here's my birthday wish to Kris, using the Halftone app for iPhone! Make any photo look like a newspaper-printed picture or comic. Halftone--it's awesome!


AnitaS said...

I love him, he is very cute.

Cat said...

ohhhh a new app to download thanks ::))
And did you use label box for the labels?

LOVE the gnome pattern and since I've just started to learn crochet I think I should try this gnome

thank you

Kris Black said...

Hi Else,

Thanks for sending SuperGnome to my home. He loves it here. Lots of excitement with the two piggies nearby. I love getting little handmade stuff from you.

Cat, the Halftone app adds the captions to the image. You can also add word and thought balloons, change the paper type and I think you can also change the density of the halftone pattern it applies to the images. You can post to social sites too. Great little app. I love it.


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