Tuesday, November 08, 2011

What I've been reading

I sort of have this multiple-personality way with books. I mean, I read more than several all at the same time, and around my house are stacks of books here and there, all with bookmarks in them. My Kindle hops from one stack to the next, depending on where I leave it last. I have to be in a certain mood to read things. So it's nice to have a book around to match my many moods. Here are a few of my latest reads.

Miss Buncle Married. I love D E Stevenson and her character Miss Buncle, the woman with "no imagination" who writes runaway best sellers about the towns she lives in and their many characters. MBM is the sequel to Miss Buncle's Book, about how our Heroine becomes an author. Honestly, I laughed so much through both of these that I had tears running down my face. In typical dry, British fashion, Miss B is able to see through to her characters' hearts and foibles and the "dangers" of living in small country towns. Published by Persephone Books, if you love British fiction and small town life, don't miss these tomes.

The Book of Tea. I receive the magazine Tea Time, and read a review about this historical treatise by Okakura Kakuzo and published in 1906. Kakuzo uses "tea-ism" as a way to explain the East and beautifully writes about how tea represents the simplicity and humility of Asian belief and culture. Tea is also a bridge between the East and the West, and he talks about the adoption of tea by the Western world. I am about halfway through this one, having downloaded it for free to my Kindle. Lovely thoughts and lovely language. If you love tea, you will be able to relate to this book.

Chet and Bernie mysteries. Bernie is a detective. Chet is his dog. Guess who's the one who solves the crimes? Writer Spencer Quinn knows what a dog is thinking, and he lets us know the finer points of "detection" in Chet's own words. Chet's thoughts may wander from scratching to eating to the dog next door to barking to other doggishness, but when he is on the case, and knows who the "perp" is before Bernie himself, he stays right on the scent until the case is closed--which in Chet's case, is apprehending the criminal by biting his pant leg. Case closed. If you love dogs, don't miss these delightful, laugh out loud books.

And on my magazine pile: MollieMakes, Tea Time, Victoria, Audubon, National Geographic, BARK, Piecework, Birds&Blooms, and many yarn catalogs.

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AnitaS said...

I like to have time for reading. Maybe after the swaps. I like fantasy. I need to buy that last book of Robert Jordan.

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