Friday, December 02, 2011

Bringing home the tree!

Not the best photo, but last night it sure was exciting to get our first LIVE tree in 20 years! Here it is, strapped up top the van and ready to go home with us. We have a very small house, so in the past we've had a skinny fake tree that really doesn't do Christmas justice. So off we went to McCarthy's Farm Stand last night. It's a fun, family-run stand and they were serving hot chocolate, hot cider, and homemade cookies to tree shoppers. In my heart, I wanted a traditional tree--a balsam of old with its wonderful smell, soft needles and lovely spreading branches. But I worried that we wouldn't be able to find one small enough for our space. But tucked in back of the balsam area, we found our tree! This morning, two tree stands later (with a trip to Menard's in between to get a new one), the tree stands in our living room, beautifully opened and smelling like--well, Christmas!


Cat said...

How lovely to have a live tree
I must do that again for the children and just put up with my sneezing

AnitaS said...

I can not wait to see photos of the decorated tree.

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