Monday, December 19, 2011

Darcy, Vampyre

With the Twilight series being all the rage, it seems inevitable that someone would translate the vampire craze to Pemberley. Hence, Mr Darcy, Vampyre has emerged, cunningly written by Amanda Grange.

Out of curiosity, I read the book this weekend, having downloaded it to my Kindle for $1.99 during Jane Austen's birthday this past Friday (Happy Bday again, Jane!).

Mr Darcy, Vampyre takes up where Pride and Prejudice ends. Darcy and Elizabeth are on their honeymoon tour, but Darcy refuses to consummate the marriage. We find out he has a terrible secret--he is a vampyre (love the spelling). Elizabeth is aware that there is a problem, naturally, but not in her wildest dreams does she imagine what it is. As they travel through England, France, Switzerland and Italy, Elizabeth is introduced to Darcy's numerous friends and family--all vampyres like himself, even Georgiana--yet Elizabeth still doesn't get it. Without giving the plot away, needless to say that another vampire is pursuing Elizabeth, we discover the one that transformed Darcy (and the circumstances), and we are led to a rather Austen-esque ending. While campy, the book is well written, the characters engaging, and it is a fun read if you like vampire stories.

I'm not sure that our divine authoress Jane would approve of vampires, but I think she would like the sense of fun behind its writing and the continuation of the love story. And I'm sure some readers would SO love to see Colin Firth in a vampire role (grin). I give the book 4 out of 5 stars. Enjoy!


AnitaS said...

I think I have to read the book and then find out if I like it. I love mr. Darcy so much and then thinking of him as a vampire!

Else M Tennessen said...

I know! That is why I was curious to read it. :)

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