Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jane!

Dancing in celebration of Miss Jane Austen's birthday.

Here is a letter I would send to Jane Austen on her birthday, which is today!

Dear Miss Austen,

Happy Birthday and many joyous returns of the day!

As a fond admirer of your books and stories, I want to say thank you for the many hours of pleasure I've received upon their reading. 

Your characters have made me laugh, cry and hope. Your own personal example has shown me that it is okay to be a strong woman and still hope for romance and a gentleman who will respect and love me for who I am, without trying to control or suppress me.

In a world where the privacy of sex is disrespected, you have shown that a good love story does not have to intrude into the bedroom.

Your descriptions of simpler times and pleasures have shown me that I don't need lots of money to have fun, and that books, music-playing, and letter-writing can be happy and healthful.

Your tales of walks in the woods and fields have reminded me that fresh air is good and have comforted me when I am indoors on cold, snow-trapped days.

Your words about the domestic life have made me yearn for the time when I will not have to work so hard outside the home. Then I will be able to bake, sew, garden and enjoy creating a hearth to comfort my family and pets and make them feel loved.

When you tell me about the families in your stories, you show me that the best friends we can have are in our own dear families, and that they are treasures.

So I say to you today, rejoice and be at peace, have a blessed and happy day, and I for one am very glad that you were born! God bless you!


And, dear Readers, more felicitous events await! Join the Soiree to sign up for free gifts and read more Austen-y goodness!

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AnitaS said...

What a lovely letter you wrote. I want to dance too and in the dress on the picture.

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