Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I was so inspired by Dotty Angel's twigs that I had to try this myself. I already had some dried branches in the garage that I was saving "for a rainy day" of crafting. I cut some short lengths, found a nice large jar, and in they went. Then I went about the house and found some bits and bobs of the season--tags, ornaments, toys and such like. This project gave me an excuse to break out my much-beloved twine collection to make the hanging strings. The whole project took me about 45 minutes between set up and rummaging for items. I can so see this being a seasonal twig display, and perhaps in spring I will spray paint the branches white. This was a very enjoyable crafty time, and so easy!


AnitaS said...

It looks very nice. Good idea.

dottie angel said...

that is a mighty fine twiggy you have made yourself! how wonderful and so happy to think i am not the only one to love a few twigs in a jar!
happy joyful season to you my dear
Tif x

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