Tuesday, December 13, 2011

White Oliphaunt


Today was our work party. Each year our department hosts a wee potluck where everyone brings a foodie to share, plus a "white elephant" gift. This is a gift which we do not want to receive ourselves, so in a raffle-y sort of way, the gifts are re-gifted as each person picks a gift, then unwraps it to the oohs and aahs of everyone. The next person in line may take this gift or choose another to unwrap. So on it goes until all the treasures are unveiled and you either have a goodie or a baddie. This year I definitely got a goodie, pictured above. It is a ceramic cupcake planter or votive or whatnot which now houses some of my crochet hooks, as it is the proper height. As I love cupcakes (and they are the rage right now but I liked them first), this is a great little thing. So I am very happy with this year's oliphaunt gifted to me!

1 comment:

AnitaS said...

It is great for holding your chrochet hooks. Nice that celebration on your work.

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