Thursday, March 08, 2012


Edinburgh Castle - St Margaret's Chapel
Door into St Margaret's Chapel at Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland

 I became obsessed with doors and doorways while on my trip to Scotland and Ireland earlier this year. As I've been posting my trip photos, I see that I took lots of doors and at the end of the trip, I know I was doing this deliberately.

St Andrews
Door at University of St Andrews, St Andrews, Scotland

There are so many amazing aspects to the doors I saw: colors, materials, the hinges, the knobs, the sizes--it seems that human beings were shorter in ancient times--and the doors led to wonderful places. Museums, churches, castles, homes, and schools were some of the many places I visited and going through the door or doorway was the first step into incredible adventure.

Stirling Castle
Stirling Castle, Scotland

In the coming weeks I'll be sharing photos and impressions from my trip. I had a wonderful time!

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AnitaS said...

Beautiful doors. I like to have a house where such a door fits.

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