Sunday, April 15, 2012

Christ is Risen! - A Gift for You

Christ is risen; Indeed, He is risen!

Today is Easter for me, or "Pascha," as we Orthodox Christians call it. Shown above is my Pascha basket which I took to church last night. It was blessed by Father Andrew after the midnight Paschal church service. In the basket were some favorite goodies: boiled eggs, chocolate and a cinnamon coffee cake. I'll eat some of those today in celebration of our Lord's resurrection!

This year I was finally able to make the basket cloth I had dreamed of for years.

It is a cross stitch pattern of my own design. After stitching it, I patched it with fabric to make the cloth above. I am very happy with it!

If you would like to stitch this design, here is my Paschal gift to you: a pdf of the chart. Please feel free to stitch this for your own use or as a gift; however, please don't sell or reproduce this design in any way. If you'd like to share it, please direct others to this blog post. Thank you!

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