Sunday, May 06, 2012


I discovered Etegami via Cole's blog, Simplicity Embellished. Etegami means "picture-letter" in Japanese, and consists of a single painted image with a few apt words. On Debbie's blog, Dosanko Debbie's Etegami Notebook, I read about the techniques and experimented with them this afternoon. Above is my very first effort, a painting of one of the leaf clusters from my oxalis (shamrock) plant.

The words on Etegami are supposed to go with the picture and I was inspired by the "three-ness" of the plant.

I still felt the image was too busy, so I made a second effort.

I like this one a lot better!

I carved my own "chop" (lower right corner) out of an eraser.

These Etegami are sized 4 by 6 inches and as they are picture-letters, they ought to be mailed as postcards. I'm debating whether to keep these first efforts or take a chance and mail them away...

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