Saturday, November 10, 2012

Carved Etegami

When I was in Lake Geneva several weeks ago, I was awed by the golden beauty of the changing gingko tree leaves in the downtown area. I picked up a large specimen and pressed it in the book I was reading at the time with the thought that perhaps its lovely shape would make a good stamp carving.

Today I finally got around to carving the gingko leaf stamp. Then I created the etegami above, stamping the leaf in several colors of yellow on an etegami postcard, using a brush marker held in the etegami position to outline the leaf. Gingkos: Fall's Golden Fans is the result.

(To create this stamp, I photocopied the pressed and dried leaf, traced the outline, then transferred the tracing to some stamp carving material.)

Monday morning, this card will be winging its way to a special friend who has a November birthday. :)


dosankodebbie said...

Lovely golden tones. :)

AnitaS said...

Very beautiful colours.

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