Sunday, November 04, 2012

The Girlz dress up

I love this new dance costume!

What do you think?
Should we invite stuck-up Lumi to go shopping with us?

Come on, go with us!
Nah, just check out the sales for me.

The girlz dressed up in new clothes sent to them from Holland by their Aunt Anita! The leather skirts were made by Anita, as well as the striped top. The ballet clothes were promptly snatched by Lumi, who is rehearsing for a holiday ballet. The clothes were sent with some wonderful cards for Blythe mom Else. Thank you, Anita! Thank you, Auntie! say the girlz. :)

1 comment:

AnitaS said...

The girls looks so beautiful Nikki likes it very much that they have the same clothes.

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