Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Totoro and Tea :)

Recently, my friend Debbie introduced me to Totoro, the star of a Japanese animated film called "My Neighbor Totoro." In this delightful story, two little girls and their father go to live in the country. A forest lies right on the edge of the property. Also in view is a giant camphor tree. One day, the littlest girl wanders into the forest and meets....well, the rest is history. Watch this movie. It will make you feel like a child again! To celebrate, I made my own Totoro amigurumi using a pattery by Lucy Ravenscar (available on Ravelry).

I think my little Totoro looks great next to a tiny teapot illustrated with an Etegami by Debbie, don't you? This little pot is the perfect size for a personal brew. I use it all the time after work when a whole pot is not necessary. Totoro and tea...priceless. :)

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AnitaS said...

Totoro is very lovely and the little teapot is nice.

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