Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Baking

Tasha Tudor's Dundee Cake

I took an extra vacation day from work and spent it baking! To begin, I pre-baked the layers for my son Zachary's birthday cake--his birthday is December 25! How well I remember that day. :) Every year I make him the Pampered Chef Black Forest Torte. The layers are now in the freezer and after Christmas breakfast I'll assemble the cake in readiness for his birthday celebration!

Next, I made Dundee Cakes (above) from the Tasha Tudor Cookbook. These are lovely shortbread-like fruitcakes full of raisins, currants, cherries, and citron. These are now also parked in the freezer and will be taken out for Christmas Eve dinner dessert and Christmas morning munching!

Cookie doughs came next. Two of these are chilling as we speak--Sinterklaas Speculaas Cookies and Aunt Jane's Sugar Cookies. I'll bake these later this evening with the assistance of my two youngest boys. We'll roll these into balls, dip them in sugar, squash them a bit and then bake! Yum.

Pictured below are oatmeal scotchies, a favorite of my number 2 son, Nicholas. I've tormented him a bit by text-messaging this photo to him at work so his mouth can water. :)

Oatmeal Scotchies

It's been a delightful day, even if my feet do hurt from standing the entire time--that and the hectic trip to the grocer's this morning for ingredients. And I got to wear my lovely blue and white Delft print apron that friend Anita sent me last year.

The house smells heavenly. Now to rescue some of the cookies and freeze them for later...

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AnitaS said...

How I want you to live nextdoor. Then we could bake together. You baked lovely things and I think everybody will love them.

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