Monday, December 03, 2012

FREE Mini Envelope Templates for You :)

Download Microlopes Set 1

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I had a little craft company named Chilipeppers. I worked out of my home and my main product was handmade templates to make miniature envelopes. They were pretty popular and appeared in several paper-related craft magazines. Well, that was way back in the late 90s, and a variety of factors interfered to make me stop "doing" my little craft business.

My Chilipeppers products have been languishing in a file drawer all these years and I've decided to now make them FREE to you as pdf downloads. The pdfs represent my real, original drawings with all their little imperfections--but YES, these do work and they are small and if I do say so myself, awesome.

These are perfect for doll mail, gift enclosure envelopes, little presents, or whatever you imagine.

There are five sets of envelope templates. I recommend that you copy these onto cardstock so you can easily trace them onto paper. Or you can do what I did when I sold them: copy them onto cardstock, laminate them, then cut them out. The plastic makes them indestructible and you can even spill something on them and they wipe clean. Perfect, imho.

To make an enclosure card to go in these, do this: assemble the envelope. Then trace the envelope shape onto a piece of cardstock. Cut out your tracing about 1/8 inch inside the line (this way, the card will fit into the envelope). Decorate and put in envelope. Presto!

BTW, don't mail these. They are too small and don't conform to postal regulations. :) But you can certainly mail them in a larger envelope or in packages!

So here they are. The PDF download link is in each caption. Enjoy, and let me know what you make with MICROLOPES!

Download Microlopes Set 2

Download Microlopes Set 3

Download Microlopes Set 4

Download Microlopes Set 5

Please link to this post, NOT the pdfs. Thanks!

P.S. These are still my inventions and yes,  I still do own the copyright. Don't sell these patterns and only make them for personal use. Yes, folks have already ripped these off (I won't name "names" but I even saw some wood versions of these for sale last week!). So be honest, respect copyright, and we can all continue happily crafting.


AnitaS said...

That is very nice for our dolls.

Erin said...

these are great - thanks :)

sara said...

Thanks! It's very generous of you!

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