Monday, December 10, 2012

Holiday goodies I've received

My lovely pen-friend Anita sent me a Christmas box, and some of the presents I could open early when I did my Christmas decorating around the house. I was allowed to open two parcels. In the first were these lovely Christmas mice made by Anita! I haven't named them yet, but they are now happily sitting in Claus' lap (Anita made Claus for me last year).

The next package had two beautiful cross-stitched ornaments of Mr and Mrs Claus. I've hung them on the Norfolk pine in my dining room. They look delightful there, hanging in a place of honor! Anita is a very skillful needlewoman. :)

In today's mail were these two wonderful Etegami from a new friend, Yoshiko, in Japan. I love them. The snake and flowers card commemorates 2013, which will be the Year of the Snake.

Thank you for blessing my day, Anita and Yoshiko!

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AnitaS said...

I am happy you like it. The cards are very beautiful.

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