Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Year Ago in Scotland

In January and February 2012, my aunt and I traveled to Scotland and Ireland for two whole weeks. It was a great trip. I've been reminiscing a lot and for the next few days will post pictures of the trip here, on the year-to-the-day they occurred. Come journey with me...

We started our journey on 27 January, flying from Chicago, Illinois to Edinburgh, Scotland. At the airport we picked up a rented car and drove to Elie, Fife, where we stayed at nearby Kilconquhar Castle Estate (more on this in a later post). Once recovered from jet-lag, we began to sightsee. A year ago today we saw....

Castle of St Andrews ruins
Ruins of St Andrew's Castle, St Andrews, Scotland

It was amazing to touch those ancient stones and walk on ancient steps in hollows ground by hundreds of feet over hundreds of years. The view of the sea was spectacular; a wintery sea of grays and darks and foam. Gulls hid in ruined niches and kept watch.

Castle of St Andrews ruins
Old and new: ruins of St Andrews Cathedral sited over modern rooftops
St Andrews is a college town, and has been so since the 1400s. Anywhere you walk you can catch glimpses of history right next to modern structures.

Northpoint Cafe
Where Will would meet Kate...we took tea here - delightful!
Of course we would not miss the chance to maybe see some royals at Will and Kate's university trysting place. No royals were sighted, but we had a wonderful, warming tea as the day was cold and gray!

St Andrews, Scotland
Quiet and interesting sidestreet homes in St Andrews, Scotland
School was in session so the streets were quiet. Front windows right next to sidewalks afforded us a view of plants, lace curtains and knick-knacks on windowsills. Walls were built with a variety of stone and front doors were painted in a myriad of hues. Delightful!

St Andrews Cathedral ruins
A view of the high altar ruins at ancient St Andrews cathedral
The ruined cathedral was amazing, gigantic and inspired a sense of awe and quiet. Still a holy place.

I invite you to view more of that day in my Flickr Scotland and Ireland 2012 set! More details tomorrow...

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AnitaS said...

A year ago allready. Nice to see the photo's again.

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