Thursday, January 17, 2013

Handwriting, Cooking and Mom

Today would have been my mom's 81st birthday. I'm thinking about her a lot today. :)

My Mama was good at a lot of things, but she excelled in baking and her handwriting was PERFECT. See for yourself:

This is side 1 of a recipe card she wrote out for me before I got married in 1983. I had asked her to write out some of my favorite recipes so I could make them in my new home. There's a story behind this one: my parents were at a restaurant and liked the red dessert cake they had. So they asked the chef for the recipe, which he shared with them. Imagine their surprise when several weeks later, they received a bill for $300 from the restaurant--for the recipe! Ever since then, we've called it the "$300 Cake" and it's the birthday favorite of my brother and my eldest son. Here's side 2, in case you want to make it yourself:

This cake is one of her legacies, as well as numerous cards, letters and postcards I've saved over the years that she wrote to me. When I see her handwriting, she is right there with me again. As a child I wanted to write just like her, and took special pains to be careful with my writing. My mom introduced me to letter-writing and penpals, and I still enjoy those things to this day. As a parent, I recognize that we don't always know what will influence our children, but seeing my Mama write letters to her family and friends was a great inspiration to me. She wrote faithfully, knowing that her family was important and that they wanted to hear from her--she was here in the U.S. and they were far away in the Netherlands. She always chose beautiful cards (I looked forward to them on my birthday) and she always used pretty stationery and cards to write her correspondence in.

So Happy Birthday, Mama. I bake and write because of you. I have not forgotten. I love you!

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AnitaS said...

As long as you remember a loved one they are still with you. You mother did write beautiful. But you write very nice too.

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