Tuesday, February 12, 2013

5 Websites I Visit Every Day

A lovely crafted rabbit by Alicia Paulson
on Posie Gets Cozy.

I would love to make this!
In addition to checking Google Reader every day for "in general" updates, here are 5 websites I like to visit every day or so, checking for all kinds of crafty and other goodness.

Attic24. This charming British blogger, Lucy, writes several times a week about her love of crochet and all her inventions using crochet. She is always cheerful and fun and has lots of tutorials, crochet ideas and homekeeping thoughts. She is a young stay-at-home mom and she gets lots done with her kids and her crochet. It's a charming read and always brings a smile. Also, reading her blog has made me want to get a caravan!

Posie Gets Cozy. Alicia Paulson is the writer/crafter of this charming blog out of the state of Oregon, USA. She has a brand new baby girl (who is the most beautiful young lady I've ever seen), a corgi dog named Clover (love that name) and a charming, cottage-y house to die for. She does lots of crafts including cross stitch, knitting and sewing and has marketed many of her patterns and designs. I love her use of color, the corners of her home and her two books (which I have and love). She always inspires me.

The 52 Letters Project. Joanna's blog is all about writing letters, who she's written to, stationery and postal relationships. Last year she blogged about her journey writing one letter a week, often to folks she had lost touch with or with new friends, and it was enchanting to read her honest and thoughtful words about the lost art of correspondence and what letters mean to her. I can so relate! I've written to her and she wrote me back. :) She continues her blog this year with posts about letter-writing in general.

Flickr. Each day I visit the "contacts" section of my Flickr account to see what my friends have posted, especially in the way of new Blythe fashions and portraits and crafty projects. Flickr is so inspiring and I've met lots of nice folks through this social network. Also, the images are a nice mental vacation when I need a break at work!

Amazon. I love books. So each day I go to Amazon to look at the "my Amazon" section (available after you log in) to see recommendations and to search for new and upcoming books in the genres I like: history, crafts, Jane Austen, Tolkien and etc. I often use Amazon for just browsing or discovering new things--not necessarily buying--or when I hear of a new book or product on a blog I read. I admit I do most of my shopping from Amazon. I remember when I first heard of Amazon, in the early 90s through my brother. I've been a customer every since. As my brother said, "This site has every book in the whole world!" It's still true.

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I am going to visit this blogs. Thank you for mentioning.

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