Saturday, February 23, 2013

Painting Etegami

I spent some time painting yesterday. It had been awhile since I could slow down enough to paint etegami, or Japanese picture-letters. These will go off to special friends on Monday. :)

My geranium, sheltering indoors during winter, is not blooming but its leaves are lovely and fragrant. In the language of flowers, a geranium stands for "true friendship."

Sorry for the blurry image! This etegami is of the star flower, or wood star, a wild flower commonly found in the Lake Superior region. I love its simple shapes and would like to see it in the wild one day.

To see the completed cards and other etegami I've painted, visit my etegami flickr set. To learn more about etegami, visit my teacher's website, DosankoDebbie!


AnitaS said...

It is very beautiful. It is nice to see you do very differents crafts.

Kathryn said...

Beautiful, Else! You are so very talented. :-)

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