Thursday, November 07, 2013

A new little reading friend

Pickwick in his Bookhou pouch.

Poor blog. You are sorely neglected. But never mind, let's resume.

I have new Kindle, a Paperwhite 3G. My good ol' Kindle 2 (now 4 or 5 years old) has started to go wonky, and after seeing and reading all the marketing on the latest Kindle (I know, sucker), I had to have one.

I admit I am not a reading purist. I love my books but I like reading on a Kindle, too. I simply love reading. Especially when I can find out-of-print, old books in Kindle format for free. Kindle helps me watch my book budget, which I admit I don't watch very carefully. New books arrive at my house every week, much to my husband's dismay. I am a good Amazon customer.

Anyway, the new Kindle, which I have named Pickwick, after the dodo in Jasper Fforde's books, is a tiny thing compared to its predecessor! It has a backlight that I can control, a nice thing for reading in the dark. The touch controls are pretty well-tuned so I don't inadvertently turn a page (or should I say, turn a screen) by mistake. It's very light (good for my arthritic hands). And it fits perfectly into one of my lovely Bookhou pouches, made by the very talented Arounna in Canada. So I think I will be happy with little Pickwick.

Pickwick gets daily offers via screen saver from Amazon. I don't mind these and find them highly amusing. Today's offer is "The Desperate Love Trilogy" by Michelle Hazen. Amazon brazenly advertises that it is inspired by The Vampire Diaries. Today I can get it for 99 cents. I think I'll pass. :)

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