Saturday, November 09, 2013



Meet Bearnadette, the little bear girl -- or is she a girl that just likes to dress up as a bear? She is smiling because she knows she is a gift for a special friend. And, it's kind of cool to get photographed trying out new doll furniture from IKEA.

Bear is the first amigurumi I've crocheted for awhile, and I'd forgotten how fun it was to go around and around, making the crochet spirals that will become a little animal or person (or in Bear's case, both). Bear is made from the pattern, "Little Friends," by Ana Rimoli, who is both a dear friend and the gal who got me "hooked" on making amigurumi. Thanks, Ana!

Speaking of furniture, I just got a new footstool for the reading corner, and it's one of my dog's new favorite perches, especially when it's in the sun. He'll cook himself, then come lie in the shade to cool off, then go right back to baking. Silly Sammy! 'Til later, friends!

Footstool Sammy
My dog, Sammy Gamgee, suns himself

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