Friday, November 08, 2013

Starting an Illustrated Journal

Illustrated calendar journal inspired by Geninne Zlatkis

Inspired by wonderful Mexican artist Geninne Zlatkis, I have started an illustrated calendar journal. Using a blank notebook (I use the 5-inch Handbook Geninne recommended--mine has a red cover), Geninne subdivides a spread into calendar blocks for two weeks. Then she fills it in with her own art and notes.

This type of small, easy journal appeals to me for two reasons. Working full time, I find I don't have a lot of moments (or energy) for a lot of writing, so a small scribble or drawing in each small block doesn't overwhelm me, and I can get it done. Also, I can collage in this small format and fill up the pages, too. I'm also finding it useful if I want to record reminders for my Project Life album (more on this in another post).

I keep the journal right next to my computer, so I see it every day and am reminded to do something in it. After trying many journaling methods, this one might stick with me. We'll see. Certainly, working on these pages has been fun! As I fill the journal, I'll share more spreads. 'Til next time!

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