Monday, November 11, 2013

The Letter Writer

Sorting letters

Yesterday afternoon I watched a charming and heartfelt movie on Netflix. It's called "The Letter Writer"--the title alone is what made me watch it, and I'm so glad I did! (Warning: spoilers ahead!)

The story is about a young, rebellious girl who receives a mysterious letter in the mail from someone she doesn't know. The letter is full of encouragement and compliments, praising her for her goodness and the blessing she is to everyone. Well, she knows full well that she isn't a blessing! She is a pain to friends, teachers and especially her mother, who is trying desperately to raise her daughter well as a single parent.

Curious, the young girl seeks out the Letter Writer. He is an elderly man in a retirement community who each day, randomly picks a name from the phone book and writes the person a letter of encouragement. What happens next is what is the real neat part in this film--the old man's words cause a heart-change in the girl, on many levels. They become fast friends and both their lives are changed through his letters.

If you write and receive letters (especially if you receive them), you know how good it feels to get that envelope in your mail box, open it, and read words meant just for you. On a lonely day, a letter can bring closeness and sunshine. A letter is something you can hold in your hand, keep in a pocket, and enjoy again and again. It is not fleeting like e-mail or Facebook. It is a real, tangible piece of the person who wrote it.

And if you write letters, you know the pleasure of putting pen to paper, of crafting words and thoughts and sharing meant for someone special. You know that the note or card doesn't have to be long or fancy--it can be a postcard--to touch someone's day. Letters are like hugs you can mail. Gracious words are a blessing, both to the giver and receiver.

In this electronic age, where we want an immediate response and instant gratification, letter-writing seems like too much effort. But if you could see the smile on the face of the recipient of something you've written and mailed, you'd think otherwise. So be a blessing. Write a letter. 'Til later!

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AnitaS said...

You did write this very beautiful. And I know what a beautiful writer you are.

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