Friday, January 31, 2014

Downton Abbey keeps me in stitches

Downton Abbey stitched towel
Why, yes, I DO love Downton Abbey! I can't help myself. It's British and the characters and their foibles are so addictive to watch!

So of course I couldn't resist when Kitschy Digitals offered a collection of embroidery patterns featuring the Downton characters. Mrs Hughes is one of my favorites, so I stitched her first. Who doesn't need a sensible, motherly manager in one's life? I sure wish I had one....

After I stitched this I posted it to Instagram, tagging it with #downtonabbey and #kitschydigitals, and guess what? I won a stitching competition hosted by KD's Facebook stitchalong! I am now the proud owner of a $25 gift certificate to KD's site. I will have fun online shopping this weekend!

I've actually sent this towel on to a friend as a birthday surprise. My next stitchery will be of Lady Violet--she is my absolute favorite character. The things that come our of her mouth are shocking--and delightful!

So join in--stitch some Downton denizens for your own home. They'll keep you in stitches!

1 comment:

AnitaS said...

What a lovely stitchrie. Congrats with your price. You earned it.

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