Thursday, January 02, 2014

Finishing December Daily 2013

Whew! Today I completed my December Daily Project Life album. You can see the complete album here. (Or, you can view through the entire album by hovering over the picture above with your mouse cursor and clicking the right or left arrows on either side of the frame.)

Some thoughts about this project. I truly enjoyed it but I won't be doing it again while I work full-time. It's too hard to keep it up on a daily basis what with work, Christmas planning, family care, and crafting gifts.

But I really loved doing the project. It kept me mindful of each day during the Christmas season, and I can say that "being in the moment" helped me to appreciate the holiday more and also slow down and enjoy things. Even when I couldn't keep the pages made each day, I kept a few short notes as well as taking pictures, so that when I went back to complete the book, I had a memory of that day--and a plan. Hence, when I finally sat down to do the pages, I could get them done easily and I knew what I wanted to do.

I have LOTS of supplies left over from this project that I will use next year. I plan on just doing my weekly Project Life weekly spread, but incorporate the Christmas elements I learned how to do this year. Plus, I learned how to use ephemera (sequins, cuts, badges and more) more effectively and this will benefit me throughout the year.

So now December Daily 2013 is done--on to documenting 2014!

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AnitaS said...

It is a beautiful journal. I like it very much.

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