Thursday, January 30, 2014

Project Life, Middle Age and Personal History

So, I've been doing Project Life since mid-last year, and I'm still going strong and enjoying it! I'm using the Amber Edition as my base and supplementing my page layouts with the way-cool products from Studio Calico. I get their Project Life monthly kit by subscription, and enjoy being challenged by the different products in each kit and how to incorporate them in my layouts--badges, stickers, rub-ons, rubber stamps, washi tape, and more.

Left side of my latest Project Life spread.
I celebrated National Handwriting Day and showed off some craft projects.

One thing I've noticed is that when I browse the web for Project Life design ideas, most of the featured artists are young moms with kids. So their albums are full of family moments, travel, school memories and the like. But I am middle-aged! I will be 55 in March. You may ask, what is a middle-aged woman doing in her Project Life album?

Right side of my latest Project Life spread.
This week I "armchair-traveled" to St Kilda in Scotland!

Well, I am here to say that Project Life is for anyone and any age. My kids are grown and mostly launched (my youngest graduates from college this year), so I find that my album focuses on my own personal growth and interests. Here are some of the topics I include in my "Middle-Age Project Life Album":
  • Everyday things that catch my notice: birds at my feeders, my garden, work happenings, etc.
  • Trips I take with my husband
  • Books I am reading
  • Progress in my various crafting projects
  • "Armchair travel"--I am always exploring the world through books and the web. I am traveling there! So I document it.
  • My dog and guinea pig
  • Home decor and changes I make to my home
  • Church feast days and memories
  • Family moments
  • Restaurants I visit and movies I see
  • Letter-writing projects
  • Quotations that have meaning for me
  • Topics I am researching: history, biography of famous persons, etc.
This is just a short list. My album now reflects me more than my family, and that's okay. I see my album as a record of myself that I can leave for my children (or anyone else who cares to look)--so that my kids know their Mom as a "person," to encourage them to develop themselves, pursue their own interests, and be confident and happy with themselves. This is my history.

So I'd like to see more out there from middle-aged Project Lifers. Don't be shy. Show your layouts in your blogs and websites. I'd like to hear from you!


AnitaS said...

I love this project and your idea behind it. Middle-aged! For me you are still yong.

Else M Tennessen said...

Thank you, Anita! I actually do feel young at heart. :)

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