Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Bee Across the Sea: Hexies!

Anita and I are powering through our hexies...we want to be done in time for Wild Olive's Spring Stitching Club! I am having a delightful time doing the winter project in different blues with touches of purple--so appropriate for the cold, snowy winter we've been having!

Cold Cardinal by Else

Sweet Cardinal by Anita

Chilly Trees by Else

Lovely Evergreens by Anita

I've started arranging mine in their final mat form and sewing them together. Here's my progress so far:

Wild Olive Winter Stitching Club progress!

And as part of Valentine's day, Anita sent me this cross-stitched pin card. I love it! Thank you, dear friend!

Handmade Valentine, by Anita!

1 comment:

AnitaS said...

I love your blue hexies very much.

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