Sunday, February 09, 2014

A Bee Across the Sea

My bowl of hearts - I love them!

Anita's mobile!

This week, Anita and I finished our Shiny Happy World Happy Hearts Stitching Club projects, with the last felt heart. Anita made hers into a wonderful mobile and I used mine in a wooden bowl on my nature table. I think the results are splendid!

Stitching on felt was fun and an adventure. I used Sulky "Sticky Fabri-Solvy" transfer material to help me put the designs on felt and know where to stitch. I can't recommend this product enough!

And it was fun to pull out different colors of felt and floss, as well as some beads from my crafting supplies. I didn't buy a thing to make this project. A real first for me. :)

Anita's fourth heart

Else's fourth heart

My dear friend was very faithful with her hexagon stitching for the Wild Olive Club--alas, I did not have time to finish mine! We'll show you the results next week on those. 'Til next time!

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AnitaS said...

I think we did a god job on these. It was so fun to do this together.

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