Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bee Across the Sea - New Projects!

Last week, Anita and I started new Bee projects. :) Wild Olive's Spring Stitching Club has begun, and this hexagon project will entail flowers with embroidered centers, featuring spring motifs. The first flower features sweet crocuses:

Anita's crocuses

Else's crocuses

Our second Bee project is Blythe clothes! We hope to make a different piece every week or so, time permitting. This week we knitted these sweet sweaters from PollyMakes:

Anita's Nikki wearing a sweater

Else's Alice wearing a sweater.
Anita made the skirt!

I also want to brag about a sweet gift that Anita sent me for my birthday. :)
She sent a delicious box of presents, but at the bottom of the box was this wonderful handmade Jane Austen sampler, cross stitched with love and featuring Eliza and Jane of Pride and Prejudice:

Birthday gift stitched by Anita.

Thank you again, Anita, for this wonderful stitching. I love it! <3 p="">

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