Monday, March 31, 2014

Bee Across the Sea

Once again, I am late posting. Last week there was flu in the house and my poor son, home for spring break, spent it all in bed being ill. Thankfully, he is better now and back in school. But it was not a fun vacation for him, and I was worried sick. Blogging just flew out of my head!

So I have two hexagons to show you. Anita and I made these as part of our Bee Across the Sea over the last two weeks. And this is our fourth Wild Olive stitching project!

Wheelbarrow by Anita

Wheelbarrow by Else

Bunny by Anita

Bunny by Else


AnitaS said...

They are lovely. You forgot to send me yours. But I took it from your blog.

Else M Tennessen said...

Oh, so sorry! But you see what a week it has been. I am still recovering. :)

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