Friday, May 02, 2014

April catch up: Earth Day and a poem

I can't believe that April is over. And it still feels like Spring hasn't quite arrived; we've had rain and cold breezes and I'm still layering a sweater under my jacket.

Earth Day was in April and my garden celebrated: tulips and daffodils were open and we ate from our first crop of asparagus! My husband planted a few asparagus starters years ago--and we had to wait two years for the first crop--now we get so many that we can't eat them all! Fresh asparagus is very, very tasty!

I was able to put all sorts of "earth-y" photos in my Project Life album last week, and I also made some stitched and Earth Day cards to include on the pages:

Stitched title card

Altered Studio Calico journal card with stitched sequins

Journal card made with a WildOlive cartoon

April was also National Poetry month and I read some poems to celebrate. I find that I am enjoying poetry a lot more lately; it's almost as if something has "clicked" in my brain and I can take it in.

I also wrote one poem, inspired by things I love. I hope you enjoy it!


To some,
Gray is a sad cloud.
But to me--
Gray is my pastel.
The mist that reveals morning
The softness of elven garb
And smooth covers of Persephone's tomes.

It is silver, a treasure,
The comfort of Herdwick wool
Yarn unbleached
In a shawl, that cloud
On my shoulders that comforts.


GretchenJoanna said...

Christ is risen!
I found your blog URL on your Amazon reviewer profile, and one of the first things I find here is your lovely poem. I will read this again and again.
(And I will browse around some more.)
Thank you!

Else M Tennessen said...

Thank you for reading, GretchenJoanna! May God bless you today!

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