Sunday, September 14, 2014

Back to the Bee!

Welcome back, friends and readers! I took a hiatus for awhile as summer, work and illness kept me too busy. But now Autumn is here and I look forward to crafting for the holidays.

Else's fabrics
My penpal Anita and I have decided to spend the next four months crafting a monthly "something" for this Christmas. This month we are making a candlemat from Quilter's World, chosen by Anita. We are alternating the choice of project, and I will choose the October project.

We are each giving our projects the personal touch. I am inspired by a Scandinavian Christmas, so I am using red felts and fabrics. I am also not using the quilting directions as given because I don't have that much time to quilt and sew. So I created the base and will applique the felt piece on by hand.

Here's my progress so far:

Progress on my candle mat
However, my friend Anita is a fantastic quilter and has chosen some beautiful green and red fabrics to make her mat, with beautiful applique and quilting:

Anita's chosen fabrics
And here is her progress. Her mat is looking wonderful!

Anita makes progress on her candlemat
We hope to have these completely finished by the end of September so we can begin the October project!

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AnitaS said...

I love the colors you choose. It will be a lovely mat.

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