Thursday, October 09, 2014

October Bee bee-gins!

I'm always behind lately. It's frustrating. However, last night I was able to pull together the materials for my October Bee Across the Sea with Anita. This month we are making stitched Santa dolls from a book I bought in the early 1990s, "Folk Art Christmas," by Diane Arthurs. I don't even know if it is still in print. Inside are dozens of traceable stitcheries and projects from which you can make dolls, ornaments, wall hangings, and much more. We are going to make the doll illustrated in the middle of the front cover (see my photo, below).

Else's materials for the October Bee

Mine will be a redwork Santa with a cap made from the material shown. Anita has chosen to make her Santa in felt, which should look warm and lovely!

Anita's materials for the October Bee

It will be fun to see our Santas emerge from thread and fabric! Stay tuned!

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