Wednesday, November 12, 2014

December Daily 2014: Content

Now that I've got a layout, I've been thinking about what I'm going to do in each of my December Daily "pockets." I'm a woman whose children have grown and flown (and I don't have grandkids yet), so it's often hard to meet the goals of online prompt lists that call for toy shopping, children baking cookies, and so on. In fact, I've found that in general, there are very few Project Life resources for those of us who are older adults.

My ongoing Project Life album is focused on the everyday adventures of myself, my husband and our pets. But our Christmas preparations are fewer and more low key without children at home, so I do need ideas for doing December every day.

I searched online for "December Daily prompt lists" and finally found a good one that anyone (with or without kids can use). It's here, created by Agnes.

Image courtesy of Agnes

Of course, I've given myself permission to do something else if the mood or event occurs! My goal in keeping December Daily is to keep Christmas in my heart each day. It's so easy to get lost in the shopping, baking and general craziness of these days without remembering Who Christmas is all about.

I'll stick to my usual inclusions to "answer" these prompts, such as
  • Photos--probably instagram-sized on my 4x6 cards
  • Quotations
  • Clips from magazines and online
  • Ephemera decorations
  • Keepsakes such as event tickets, etc.

If you need other ideas for prompt lists, here are some others that I considered before deciding:

Come back next week and I'll talk about how I'm going to do front and back "covers" for December Daily, right in my 12x12 album!

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